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15 Hot UFC Fighters Who Know How To Rock Yoga Pants


Thomas Edison. Alexander Graham Bell. The Wright Brothers. Ryan McLatchy. Chip Wilson. All great inventors if you ask most of us or any warm blooded individual. The latter two may or may not be as significant as the former, but considering the increased popularity of yoga pants, they may end up on the Mount Rushmore of inventors somewhere. Sure, yoga pants have been around in some fashion since the exercise was first invented many moons ago, but chances are they certainly didn’t rock a pair of Lululemon’s back in those days. Now in 2016, we’re fortunate enough to enjoy the form fitting and shaping pants in a variety of different prints, styles and names. Brands such as Victoria Secret, Nike, and countless others have jumped on the wagon of the most popular clothing trend in decades.

No longer are yoga pants kept in gyms and athletic facilities, but now the trend is as casual wear, active wear, work attire and even clubbing or out on the town options. And let’s be honest here, if you consider how well the push-up bra has done for the undergarment industry and for the self confidence of ladies everywhere, so too has the body shaping pants and shorts that make men around the world turn their heads for a second look.

Now, just think about how good the average female looks in a pair of yoga pants (which is pretty damn good!) and then enjoy the following fifteen pics of some of the hottest, toughest, sexiest females that the UFC has to offer. Just don’t let them catch you staring at them, chances are they’ll kick your saggy butt for doing so.

15. Carla Esparza

Her nickname is The Cookie Monster and chances are high that few would kick her out for leaving crumbs lying around. Ranked third in the Women’s Strawweight Division, the Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu trained Cali girl has been part of the UFC since the end of 2013.

Starting out as part of the cast of season 20 of The Ultimate Fighter, Esparza fought her way to become the first ever UFC Strawweight Champion. Unfortunately, in her second fight, the title would be lost to Joanna Jedrzejczyk. After taking a year off following shoulder surgery, the 29 year old returned to the ring this past April to claim a third round victory. Sadly for Esparza, good looks don’t necessarily help pay the bills as she recently posted her financial hardships on her Instagram account.

14. Jessica Aguilar

Sitting outside the top ten Strawweight Division rankings, the 34 year old Veracruz, Mexico native brings a different type of sexiness to the ring. Proudly (and we are equally supportive) and openly gay, Aguilar is a big advocate of LGBT athletes around the world, which allows many to enjoy how stunning she looks in a pair of yoga pants.

As one of the longest tenured female MMA fighters, Aguilar has been in the octagon since 2006. It took nearly a decade of fighting and a 19-4 record before the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu artist would sign a contract with the UFC. Unfortunately, not only would Aguilar lose her match, but her next fight would be cancelled due to an ACL injury that has kept her on the shelf. Nothing more comfortable to wear during rehab than a pair of yoga pants!

13. Aleksandra Albu



Her fight resume may be on the small side (for those counting at home, it is 2-0 with a 1-0 UFC record), but we aren’t here to judge her win/loss record in the ring, we’re here to focus on how well Stitch fills out a pair of yoga pants.

Standing at 5’2″, 115 pounds, the 26 year old Russian has taken a hiatus from the ring in order to focus on her final year of university studies. With a fighting background in Karate and Judoka, the Russian beauty has chiseled away at her well shaped body through her bodybuilding and power-lifting history. Not only does her rear end capture a second look of by-passers but so to do her incredibly toned gams. Albu gives us something else to thank Russia for other than vodka.

12. Claudia Gadelha

Born in Brazil, but calling New Jersey home, the 28 year old Strawweight UFC fighter has been admired for her well defined muscular body that isn’t limited to her upper torso, which displays one of the tightest washboards in the UFC. As seen in many of her weigh-in sessions, along with a number of her magazine pictorials, Gadelha more than fills out the stereotype of a Brazilian booty and we all know how good a well toned rear end looks in a pair of yoga pants.

Currently ranked first in the Strawweight Division, Gadelha signed with the UFC in 2013 and competed in her first fight in the summer of 2014. After winning her first twelve MMA fights and three of her five UFC matches, the only thing stopping Gadelha from wearing a championship belt is Joanna Jedrzejczyk, who has come out victorious in their two meetings.

11. Milana Dudieva

The Russian submission machine is currently taking a time out from the UFC octagon as she’s awaiting the birth of her first child. After losing her first professional fight in 2009, the 27 year old Russian Bantamweight mixed martial artist ran off an eight match winning streak. Possessing a 10-3 professional fight record, Dudieva signed on with the UFC for a match scheduled for June 2014 in Vancouver, BC, but would be pulled from the card due to injury.

Debuting two months later, Dudieva captured a split decision against Elizabeth Phillips before dropping her next two UFC fights. Nothing says comfort and relaxing for the mom to be more than a pair of yoga pants. We also hope she keeps them on after the maternity leave as well.