NFL Quiz

Can You Name This ’80s NFL Star?


Unless you were a Detroit Lions fan, then the 1980s were a fun time to be an NFL fan. Between Monday Night Football really becoming a national sensation, the dominance of powerhouse franchises like the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants, and the magic that Bo Jackson was cooking in Oakland, the 1980s was essentially the start of the modern-day NFL.

Once you get past all of the obvious facts and tidbits that stick with us – the 49ers had Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, the Giants had Lawrence Taylor, the Bears’ 1985 defense was almost as good as the Super Bowl Shuffle – we can start thinking about what the 1980s in the NFL really were: a time of icons.

Now, nearly 40 years since the 1980’s began (yikes, you feeling old yet?), we can play around with your NFL knowledge and see how well you remember the best players from that time period. Yes, as we’ve already done with the NBA and MLB, you’ll be spending today trying to remember some of football’s best and brightest from the 1980s.

Unlike our other quizzes where we’d give you a clue, we’re going to make things easier and do as we did with the baseball quiz, which is giving you a picture. Can you name the players that you’ve used in Madden Ultimate Team when they’re not in video game form? We wish you the best of luck!

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