NHL Quiz

Do You Know Why These NHL Careers Ended Early?


They say that nothing lasts forever, and it applies to an NHL player’s career.

The world wasn’t shocked to see Wayne Gretzky retire at the age of 38 in 1999, when he had nothing left to prove and was well past his prime at that point. But some of the greatest NHLers in recent memory left the league for many reasons.

Some had untimely deaths from accidents, illnesses or even heart conditions. Others had to retire for health concerns — namely concussions and knee injuries. Some of these NHLers also decided to take their talents overseas, ending their pro careers in the world’s greatest hockey league.

And then there’s retirement in cases where a player’s body just doesn’t have much more to give. The player decides it’s best to let his body rest for life, so he quits playing altogether. Over the years, a number of NHL players have had their careers end from more than just retirement, though.

Do you know why some players’ careers had to end early? Test your knowledge with this quiz of why 25 players didn’t get to finish out their careers the way they had planned to.

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