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15 Huge Takeaways From WWE Elimination Chamber



15 Huge Takeaways From WWE Elimination Chamber

The time has come to pretend that the Elimination Chamber is the most dangerous structure in all of WWE; until the Hell in a Cell is rolled out once again. Yes, this past Sunday night, SmackDown Live presented to the world its very own version of the Elimination Chamber event.

As Monday Night Raw prepares to bury Kevin Owens at Fastlane and hand the Universal Championship over to a WCW relic, we remember as wrestling fans the true championship. The one that matters. The prestigious WWE Championship. The very title that has made its way from Bruno Sammartino to A.J. Styles.

In Phoenix this past Sunday night, John Cena – the sixteen-time WWE Champion – walked into the structure with the gold; but did he escape? Find out that and more as we present our 15 biggest takeaways from Elimination Chamber:

15. Mickie James Still Has It

There were once many things wrong with the Women’s Division in WWE. Mickie James was never one of those things. At Elimination Chamber, James made her officially return to WWE Pay-Per-View in a match against Becky Lynch. And after seven years away from the company, James looked just as good against Lynch as she once did against Trish Stratus. It’s good to see the veteran back where she belongs.

14. Becky Lynch Regained Some Momentum

It's time for #WWEChamber to feel #StraightFire! @beckylynchwwe #WWE @wwenetwork

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Since dropping the SmackDown Women’s Championship to Alex Bliss at TLC late last year, Becky Lynch has lost some steam. However, a big win over the returning Mickie the James was exactly what Lynch needed. With Lynch going over on James at Elimination Chamber, the Irish Superstar has regained some much needed momentum heading into WrestleMania. Now, the question to pose is the following: where does Lynch fit into the championship picture?

13. Dolph Ziggler Should Have Turned Heel Sooner

The recent Dolph Ziggler heel turn has proven rather interesting and has set Ziggler down a new path; a path that will inevitably lead nowhere. Interesting is one thing; being pushed is another. If every Superstar fans found interesting was pushed, then Jack Gallagher would be WWE Champion right now. Ziggler wearing silver ring gear at Elimination Chamber was fitting as Ziggler continue to be WWE’s perpetual silver medalist.

12. The SmackDown Tag Team Division Is Better Than Raw

One word to describe this tag team match at #WWEChamber…TURMOIL!

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Sheamus and Cesaro ending the record-breaking Tag Team Championship reign of The New Day? Good call? No. Gallows and Anderson then claiming the straps? Six months too late. Let’s face the facts here: Monday Night Raw’s Tag Team Division is struggling. Meanwhile, over on SmackDown Live, the boys of the Blue Brand are providing the entertainment. Who would’ve thought that Heath Slater would finally fit in somewhere and contribute?

11. Natalya’s WWE Legacy

Coming from wrestling royalty presents one with high expectations to fill. Needless to say, Natalya’s career in WWE has been anything but remarkable. Aside from a few nostalgia-laced moment involving Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Natalya hasn’t exactly had a highlight-reel career. At the end of the day, Natalya will be remembered as the Diva who farted, was the love interest on The Great Khali, and obsessed over cats.