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15 Pictures John Cena & Nikki Bella Don’t Want You To See


We tend to associate the term ‘power couple in the world’ of sports entertainment with Triple H and Stephanie. However, looking at John Cena and Nikki Bella, we can all admit they’re a close second by looking at their bodies of work.

Getting closer to his 40s, Cena remains the poster boy for the WWE. Whether it be inside of the ring as an inspiration to millions or outside of it as a legit Hollywood success, Cena continues to add value to the company due to his name. His partner Nikki is no slouch either, as she continues to rise, becoming a vastly improved in-ring performer, along with taking the WWE’s reality show Total Divas to new heights. Her success on the show has been so profound that the company decided to give her a spin off, Total Bellas.

Although the power couple is thriving today, that wasn’t always the case. Prior to getting to the WWE, Cena underwent some major hardships. The same can be said for Nikki, who struggled with her career path and even left the WWE at one point in time. We highlight several of those instances here in this article with 15 pictures that both John Cena and Nikki Bella don’t want you to see. Enjoy!

15. The Brief Indie Stint


A forgettable part of Nikki Bella’s career came during her brief hiatus from the WWE. Had she left for good, her legacy would have been regarded as one of the very worst of all-time (it was really that bad). However, Nikki, and her sister Brie, would reach an agreement with the WWE and return along with a contract clause that saw the twins join the newly made reality show Total Divas. It turned out extremely well for Nikki looking back, but truthfully things looked pretty bad at one point.

Gone from the WWE, The Bellas briefly joined the indie circuit. This is a picture from their appearance in May of 2012 at Northeast Wrestling. They would also appear as managers for CTWE Pro Wrestling in December of 2012. In March of 2013, Nikki and her sister finally made their way back to the WWE, ending their fruitless time away from the company.

14. Awkward Situation


Before John and Nikki would begin to date, Cena had a long history of partying and dating other women, one of which he ended up marrying in Elizabeth Huberdeau. As the face of the WWE and an inspiration to plenty of children around the world, some of his pics alongside his ex-wife aren’t the greatest for his clean-cut image. This is one of the many party pictures of the two that surfaced online from Cena’s past. This one shows John in the background while the two women in the photo are enjoying some inappropriateness, as he looks on. One of the women, which his ex-wife, has her legs in the air in the revealing photo.

With a PG climate, Cena has cleaned up his act considerably since ending his prior relationship. Today, the party life eludes John and he now enjoys the finer things in life, like heading out to a five-star restaurant alongside Nikki Bella. It looks our boy is all grown up.

13. A Candid Shot At Wal-Mart


Although they seem like larger than life entertainers, outside of the ring these wrestlers are just like us. Whether it be on the road or back home, Superstars live a regular life and that includes activities like shopping at Wal-Mart for essentials.

For Cena, you can only imagine how hard it must be to go out, but he certainly doesn’t shy away from doing so. This picture shows Cena alongside Nikki as the two appear to be on the road while picking up some items at the local Wal-Mart. Nowadays, the couple has the luxury of travelling together as they’re on the same brand.

For Nikki, she probably wishes this photo was never taken especially judging by her comfy attire and look.

12. Nikki’s Pre-Enhancement Days


After signing with the WWE back in 2007, both Bella Twins joined the developmental branch of FCW to sharpen their skills. They weren’t ready, but the WWE would call them up regardless and they made their main roster debut in the summer of 2008 during an episode of SmackDown. Improvements took some time, but eventually both sisters became big time players for the company.

Along with their improved skills, Nikki has changed a heck of a lot physically since her debut. If you haven’t really noticed, we strongly suggest you visit a local doctor. Most fans however have realized that Nikki’s chest underwent a pretty substantial change. This picture proves that as Nikki’s chest still looks great, but nothing compared to the guns she has today. The change took place after an enhancement surgery and, to Nikki’s credit, she hasn’t shied away from the fact that she did the procedure in the first place. Nonetheless, she’ll want us to forget about her flatter days.

11. Cena & The Blonde Mohawk


As much as wrestling fans love to believe that Cena soared to the top of the mountain quickly, that wasn’t the case. Cena blossomed into a mega star in 2005, but, before that, he was struggling to get his name out there and that all started in 1999.

Rocking an awful blonde Mohawk, John wrestled for Ultimate Pro Wrestling. He held the Heavyweight Championship which was a major plus, but his look, character and total package still had a long way to go. He would sign with OVW following two WWE dark matches and that’s when his improvements started. His rise to stardom began during his WWE call up back in 2002. After a strong start, Cena grew to popularity with a gimmick as a rapper. From then on, he has never looked back, becoming a poster boy for the company.