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15 Things Vince Isn’t Proud To Reveal About His Daughter Stephanie


The bond between Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon is among the strongest loves between a parent and a child. Vince would never publicly admit it, but history has shown he has a special love for Stephanie that supersedes his love for his son, Shane McMahon. Stephanie’s backstage power in the WWE rose in record time. Many viewed her as the only bulletproof employee that never had to worry about Vince’s wrath. The fact that Stephanie’s on-screen performances and overall acting skills is very close to Vince’s shows just how alike they are. Vince is unquestionably proud of Stephanie’s success in the wrestling and business worlds.

However, Stephanie has been responsible for quite a few negative moments in her career. The shame associated with some of these memories lived on through Vince naturally, as he’s her biggest supporter. Vince definitely protected her and would never speak about being ashamed of these facts. Anyone with an unbiased point of view would assume the obvious fact that a parent and mentor would be unhappy with some of her actions. We will take a look at the history of the McMahon family and specifically discuss the fifteen things Vince McMahon is not proud to reveal about Stephanie McMahon.

15. No Job Experience Before WWE


Stephanie McMahon has become an extremely successful businesswoman in the entertainment industry today. The power that comes with her success in the WWE is definitely a huge story that the McMahon family loves to boast about. A little known fact about her background is that she didn’t have any strong experience before earning her spot in the WWE.

Vince McMahon hired her for a role at WWE’s sales office as an account executive right out of college. This led to Stephanie becoming an on-air character and a person of influence backstage. Shane McMahon worked for years in various fields before he received any noteworthy responsibility in the WWE. Stephanie skated by with little to no experience as she was always planned to be granted an executive position if she wanted it. WWE loves to portray Stephanie as a self-made woman working her way to the top, but Vince can’t be proud of the public knowledge showing she was handed the job.

14. She Broke The Golden Rule Dating Triple H


The relationship between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is celebrated today, but that wasn’t always the case. Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon allegedly set a rule that neither Shane nor Stephanie could date wrestlers if they decided to work for the company, for obvious reasons. This fear came to fruition when Stephanie broke the rule by entering a relationship with Triple H.

Vince tried to prevent the relationship from going forward, but eventually allowed it. Stephanie’s storyline with Triple H led to art becoming reality as she went against her parents’ request. Much to everyone’s chagrin, Stephanie taking a chance ended up working out. Stephanie and Triple H are still together sixteen years later and appear stronger than ever, while Vince trusts them with the future of the WWE. However, the relationship starting against his wishes is something he can’t be proud of.

13. Responsible For Chyna Being Blackballed By WWE


The worst thing about Stephanie McMahon’s relationship with Triple H is the fact that she was the third person in a love triangle. Triple H was dating Chyna for a while until he entered a television storyline with Stephanie. Chyna would be hoodwinked with Triple H seeing Stephanie behind her back. WWE refused to extend Chyna’s contract when she found out about Triple H cheating on her with the boss’ daughter.

Vince McMahon handled the difficult situation by protecting his daughter. Chyna left the company ,allowing Stephanie and Triple H to freely date without the fear of her being backstage. We would never see Chyna return to the WWE again in her lifetime. The legend passed away last year, making it impossible to see her back in the WWE to be celebrated for her accomplishments. Chyna will likely be inducted into the Hall of Fame one day but Stephanie preventing it from happening years ago is a black mark Vince can’t be content with.

12. Made Tasteless Comments After 9/11

One of the most shameful incidents that still haunts the WWE today is Stephanie McMahon discussing her feelings after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The wrestlers were given the opportunity to share confessional style videos expressing grief and their genuine emotion following the tragedy that left the country collectively heartbroken. Stephanie has the only vignette that still stands out today for negative reasons.

Stephanie made it clear she considered the terrorist attacks taking many innocent lives as similar to the federal government going after the WWE in the early 90s. Vince McMahon was taken to court regarding drug distribution and other issues going on in the company. A daughter defending her dad is fine, but bringing it up years later in such a tasteless manner is something no one can be proud of.

11. She Made Out With Eric Bischoff


Eric Bischoff posed the biggest threat to the McMahon Empire, with his WCW challenging WWE during the Monday Night Wars. His goal was to put the WWE out of business and there were times where you believed it could happen. WWE eventually won the war and Bischoff had to tuck his tail between his legs and accept a job offer from Vince McMahon.

For some reason, Vince booked Bischoff in a segment to make out with Stephanie and it’s kind of insane to look back on. Instead of having Bischoff take a beating from Bradshaw or Hardcore Holly, Vince pushed his nemesis by having him kiss his daughter on national television. Nothing came from the kiss between the rival General Managers, making it even worse. It was one of the lower moments for Stephanie on television and Vince must have instantly regretted it.