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15 WCW Stars You Didn’t Know Were Still In The Wrestling Business


WCW has been dead for almost sixteen years now, but the legacy still lives on. Wrestling fans of the era were blessed to witness two major promotions have brands dominating on national television. As great as the WWE has been, they reached highs due to WCW pushing them and making wrestling stronger in general with their own product. The WCW roster was loaded with talent from top to bottom. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and Sting are often remembered as the biggest stars of the 90s for WCW. Guys like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho added excitement with their superb in-ring skills.

You’ll be hard pressed to ever find a wrestling product with a roster as diverse in wrestling styles as WCW had. Eric Bischoff used Ted Turner’s checkbook to fill a deep roster. Many of the wrestlers were not as high profile or faded away after they went out of business. For whatever reason, they are less on the radar these days despite having a role in the wrestling industry. We’ll take a look at some of the former WCW stars still working in some capacity in professional wrestling in various fields that you were probably unaware of.

15. Disco Inferno



The comedic talent of Disco Inferno made him an entertaining enhancement talent in WCW. Disco did a good enough job to work his way up into the mid-card title picture, but most remember him for being a great loser. The most compelling time of Disco’s stint in WCW saw him team with Alex Wright and Tokyo Magnum to form the hilarious Dancing Fools faction.

Vince Russo even allowed Disco on the WCW writing staff and later landed him a writing job in TNA for a few years. Most fans assume Inferno has retired from the sport, but that’s not true. While his main job is working at a strip club as a host, Disco wrestles at the occasional independent wrestling show in the Las Vegas area. Chris Jericho also hired him to be Konnan’s podcast sidekick on the Talk is Jericho Network’s Keeping It 100 show.

14. Norman Smiley



Norman Smiley is remembered for his time as the comedic Hardcore Champion in WCW, but he was truly a great all-around wrestler. Smiley’s Mexican wrestling career made him a well-respected world traveler. Vince Russo saw him on the WCW roster, decided to turn him into a comedy character and it actually worked.

Smiley used his genuine charm and entertaining personality to get across to the fans. The Hardcore Title became a high point of the horrible 2000 WCW shows due to Norman’s entertainment. Smiley is still in wrestling today as one of the top trainers for the WWE at the Performance Center. All of the wrestlers to make it to the main roster credit him for helping them to get the tools needed to thrive on the big stage.

13. Chavo Guerrero



The cruiserweight division was one of the strong points for WCW that still stands strong today. Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio are celebrated for their unbelievable matches at the top of the division, but the depth of the cruiserweights also impressed. Chavo Guerrero was in the second tier of cruiserweights and always managed to deliver great matches when given the time.

WWE employed Chavo for many years before he hit the free agent market in hopes of making a change. Lucha Underground has become his main focus. After being written out in a retirement match, Guerrero now works primarily as a producer for Lucha Underground and is considered one of the more influential people backstage. Chavo is also using his wrestling skills in other fields, helping train the actresses of the upcoming Netflix series G.L.O.W., which is centered on the all-female promotion

12. Mark Jindrak

No soy fan de América pero 100 años es mucho tiempo de historia. Felicidades Club América!! #estadioazteca

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WCW struggled to build young stars and it ended up being their biggest weakness. The company was falling apart in the final years bleeding money with many top names leaving. As a last ditch effort, WCW went with a youth movement to showcase some of the interesting prospects from their Power Plant training school. Mark Jindrak instantly stood out as someone to pay attention to.

It was too late for WCW and they went out of business right as Jindrak was starting to progress. WWE picked him up, but did little of note with him before his release. Since then, Jindrak has found huge success in Mexico under the name of Marco Corleone. His career is still going strong in CMLL right now, as he’s making a living outside of the WWE.

11. The Great Muta



One thing WCW did well was bring in tremendous foreign talent to showcase to the American audience. The Great Muta entered the company as a huge star from Japan and he adapted right away. Muta worked well with Sting specifically and left an impact on many fans of the time. WCW would sporadically bring him in for various roles over the years.

Muta continued his legendary career in Japan for many years as an icon. The promotion Wrestle-1 was formed by Muta to add another wrestling company to the mix in Japan. Muta still wrestles for the promotion today at the age of 51 and has returned to the United States in recent years with TNA. Wrestle-1 formed a relationship with TNA that gave Muta a chance to wrestle in the States again.