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15 Wrestlers That Only Care About Your Money At Meet And Greets


The meet and greet is one of the more stressful moments a wrestling fan will ever encounter. If you’re reading this, chances are that you love pro wrestling and hold a fandom for many of the wrestlers to compete in the squared circle. Meeting a wrestler is a cool experience for any fan hoping to exchange a few words and have a positive experience with someone that has entertained them for many years. The only place where you can have a planned interaction with a wrestler is at a meet and greet event.

Wrestlers appear at various conventions when leaving the WWE, traveling all over the world to meet fans. Independent wrestling shows typically feature a meet and greet before bell time where fans will get autographs, pictures or buy merchandise from the wrestler. Money is exchanged for the merchandise or autograph, but the better wrestlers try to have a good interaction to make sure the fan is happy.

Kevin Owens was one of the best at it on the independent circuit before moving up to the WWE. The late, great Roddy Piper took pride in giving his fans a great memory at the events. Not all wrestlers believe in this. We’ll look at fifteen of the worst wrestlers you can find at meet and greets that only care about your money.

15. Scott Steiner



The most intimidating experience a wrestling fan can have is trying to engage in a conversation with Scott Steiner. Everyone enjoys Steiner for how unpredictable he was in the ring with a live microphone. However, that extends outside the squared circle as well. Steiner makes many appearances at meet and greet outings, but is as conversational as one would expect.

Most fans struggle to get any words out of Steiner. Big Poppa Pump does thank the fans for their support, but he doesn’t give back conversation and tries to get through the signings as quickly as possible. Steiner is basically just there for the money. Many of the older wrestlers hold the mindset of just taking the money with limited interaction with the fans. Steiner is under that belief of how to conduct a meet and greet interaction.

14. Raven



Raven has always been considered one of the more intelligent wrestling minds in the business. It is a shame he doesn’t allow fans to get into it with conversations about wrestling. Raven doesn’t hide who he is and definitely is only there for the money in regards to anything wrestling related these days. The veteran is a frequent convention and independent wrestling name, who is there to sign autographs and take pictures.

Fans struggle to get anything out of Raven and when he does talk, it’s often riddled with snarky commentary. You will never get a genuine conversation from Raven. The ECW icon is just there to make extra money off of the nostalgia of his 90s work and get out of there as quick as possible. Raven is someone to avoid unless you want a quick autograph or picture with limited dialogue.

13. Austin Aries

His move to the WWE has eliminated the likelihood of many meet and greets appearances for Austin Aries and we’re all better for it. Aries has always been known as one of the more rude Superstars on the independent circuit, particularly when it comes to fan interaction. Every heel gets into it with fans to some extent, but Aries would often go out of his way to insult fans.

Aries was often unpleasant with fans at meet and greet appearances, many times insulting them while using the fact that he’s a heel as a cop out. At one point, Aries started charging money for insults in addition to the usual pictures, autographs and merchandise. Aries still engages in arguments with fans despite being in the WWE, with very little to be ornery about. Fans attending Axxess should not expect a good experience with Aries only doing the appearances for the money or because he is being forced to.

12. Kevin Nash



Speaking of snarky personalities, Kevin Nash is never outwardly rude to fans, but he definitely has an old school mindset. The older wrestlers tend to view fans as “marks” and to not give too much insight or information in a conversation. Nash is often seen making jokes to fans, sometimes in an insulting manner if he sees an opening.

Unlike many others on the list, Nash isn’t trying to be rude, but it’s his natural personality. Other wrestlers that Nash didn’t want to be around felt the same vibe and it led to many people hating to work with him. Nash’s motto states; the only thing real in wrestling is the miles and the money. You better believe the money is all that counts at conventions for him as well.

11. Sabu



Sabu is a quiet person by nature and it makes meet and greet appearances a tough task for anyone meeting him. The hardcore legend has many fans all over the world that followed his incredible run in ECW. Unfortunately, no one will really be able to have a conversation with him about it. Sabu has started bringing his wife with him to shows so she can do all of the talking.

Right or wrong, Sabu just wants to snap pictures and sign autographs with no conversation. Sabu used to talk on Rob Van Dam’s old radio show about how much he detested having fan interaction. Some people are better kept to themselves. The need for money with his various injuries and lack of a long WWE run makes Sabu have to continue doing meet and greets, despite the fact that he truly hates them.