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The Biggest Pro Wrestling Backstage Disturbers: Where Are They Now?


The backstage aspect of wrestling that we don’t get to see is as fascinating as anything that takes place inside the ring. Wrestlers have been known to have egotistical mindsets over the years, causing drama and tension in the locker room. Some personalities disrupted the backstage environment by trying to politic for a bigger push. It can come from harming the careers of others to stay ahead or by just being a jerk to others. There are also the instances of backstage bullies abusing power to make life difficult for any peers they have an issue with.

Wrestling has always had an environment similar to high school with pettiness and pointless negativity. We’ll look at some of the names that have become synonymous with drama in the locker room. There is the belief that becoming a backstage pain will cause one’s career to go downhill. Others have the mindset that it helps as the power being used to disrupt the backstage dynamic is a sign of holding down a top spot. Each individual story will be discussed to see just how things ended up going for the following names. These are fifteen of the biggest backstage disturbers in wrestling history and where they are now.

15. Scott Hall: Non-wrestling Appearances at Indie Events/Meet & Greets 


Scott Hall’s talent was always impressive, but his personal issues always prevented him from reaching main event status in both WWE and WCW. Hall’s ego grew with his association to The Kliq in WWE and the New World Order in WCW. The latter saw him use his guaranteed contract and high profile spot to create tension in the locker room.

Chris Jericho and Bill Goldberg both shared stories through the years about Hall’s WCW presence being downright evil in the locker. Hall manipulated wrestlers into having issues with each other and he would put down those that he didn’t like. Time has humbled Hall with his personal demons putting him in a bad spot. Hall has finally overcome his addiction issues thanks to DDP Yoga turning his life around and many wrestlers claim he’s a much better person to be around these days.

14. Ric Flair: Podcast Host/Appearances 


Many wrestling pundits name Ric Flair as the greatest in-ring performer in wrestling history. Flair saw great power come backstage along with his success in the ring. WCW allowed him to have power at different stages of his career as the only major Superstar in the company before the Monday Night Wars led to other huge names joining.

Scott Steiner and Shane Douglas are two wrestlers that believe Flair tried to sabotage them both in backstage meetings and anytime they worked together in the ring. Flair has also been involved in his fair share of drama with the likes of Mick Foley and Bret Hart. Most of Flair’s old rivalries have been squashed, but he’s still a controversial figure. Flair spends his days hosting a podcast, appearing at sporting events to rile up the crowd and watching his daughter Charlotte continue the Flair legacy in WWE.

13. New Jack: Indie Circuit/Shoot Interviews 


One of the more intimidating backstage disturbers in wrestling was hardcore wrestling legend New Jack. The ECW star made his name by pulling off crazy stunts during his matches and having a persona that made you believe he was really a dangerous dude. That’s because he actually was dangerous, with a very long rap sheet of violent incidents in his past.

New Jack continued that reputation in the locker room by having issues with many other wrestlers. An example of his fury saw him beat up Brian Knobbs for making a racist joke backstage. It was definitely a well-deserved beating, but it just added to New Jack’s history of personal issues. After retiring four years ago, New Jack is back taking bookings on the independent circuit and appears on shoot interview.

12. Goldberg: WWE Superstar 


Bill Goldberg is not remembered as negatively as many other wrestlers on the list. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a pain to deal with backstage. Goldberg entered the business with the biggest push in wrestling history by going 173-0 before suffering his first loss. With such a big push came a huge ego, making him treat others poorly.

Chris Jericho was one of the main targets of Goldberg’s wrath. Goldberg refused to work matches with Jericho, viewing him as a lesser player on the roster. Jericho was desperately trying to earn an opportunity, but Goldberg went out of his way to stop it. Many wrestlers have gone on the record about their displeasure for working with Goldberg. Today, he’s one of the biggest stars in WWE after making an exciting return. Goldberg is currently the number one contender for the WWE Universal Championship.

11. The Nasty Boys: Indie Events 


Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags overachieved for many years in the wrestling industry. Both WWE and WCW employed them as The Nasty Boys for successful runs in the tag team division. However, Knobbs and Sags developed the reputation for being annoying personalities backstage. Anyone to witness Knobbs’ behavior on the microphone can see how his could’ve personality rubbed others the wrong way.

Colt Cabana revealed on his podcast that The Nasty Boys have continued their old ways on the independent circuit. Knobbs and Sags have created drama backstage and gone into the ring to continue it with drunken rants at various points. The Nasty Boys still wrestle on the indies with rather disappointing results. Both men struggle to walk to the ring and are way too old to continue but that isn’t stopping them.