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Time To Jump Ship: 15 Current WWE Superstars & The Promotions They Should Join ASAP



Time To Jump Ship: 15 Current WWE Superstars & The Promotions They Should Join ASAP

WWE has one of the best rosters in wrestling history. Raw, SmackDown and NXT field top talents from all over the world. Both wrestlers made outside of the company and homegrown talents have become talented assets providing noteworthy entertainment. Unfortunately, the writing team of WWE manages to ruin quite a few stars. There are many wrestlers on the roster not living up to their full potential. Cody Rhodes and Drew Galloway are two recent stories of wrestlers showing how to thrive after leaving WWE and having the chance to actually showcase their abilities to get over.

The talents being wasted right now could find successful careers in other promotions. New Japan is bigger than ever with the action overseas providing a viable option for struggling wrestlers. Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground also offer decent contracts with their hope for growth in the future, as alternatives to WWE. TNA has been in a difficult place but a rebranding under Jeff Jarrett and Dutch Mantell’s return could make them a viable option. We’ll look at fifteen specific wrestlers that would be better off leaving the WWE and the promotions that they should aspire to work in for better results.

15. Sheamus: New Japan


Wrestling fans have grown tired of Sheamus’ act and it has ruined his chances of being a huge singles star in WWE. Sheamus has been relegated to a tag team with Cesaro since they have no idea how to use him right now. Sheamus is quite underrated due to his stale character and lack of charisma.

Sheamus could remind fans just how good he is with a run in New Japan. The free agent market is leading to big contracts for those leaving WWE with the talent to back it up. He could see a career rebirth as an intense in-ring badass having hard-hitting matches with the stars of NJPW. The style of wrestling is Japan is just what Sheamus needs to rejuvenate his career and add to his legacy.

14. Roderick Strong: TNA


Roderick Strong’s signing by WWE felt like a big deal at the time. Strong has been a consistently great wrestler on the independent circuit for over a decade. WWE finally signing him should have led to an instant push, but he has struggled to stand out in NXT. The lack of direction for him is clear with Strong not being involved in any important storylines.

TNA could have utilized him better at this stage of his career. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are currently main eventers in TNA with a lot of investment in them. Strong has a similar style to his former peers and could be a top guy for the company. The timing of Strong’s past TNA run over a decade ago was all wrong, but a spot there today would work out far better.

13. Luke Harper: ROH


Luke Harper is arguably the most underrated performer in WWE today. Harper’s size is understated given the risky moves he pulls off with ease in his matches. Harper can hold his own against the likes of Brock Lesnar and Big Show when it comes to strength, but can also fly around the ring with Kalisto and Neville if needed.

WWE doesn’t really view Harper as anything more than a talented secondary player involved in background Wyatt Family stories. ROH used him poorly many years ago before he signed with WWE, but they could correct that mistake now. Harper would be a main event star and a potential World Champion on the current ROH roster. If he leaves WWE any time in the near future, ROH has to reach out and sign him for a long run.

12. Andrade Almas: Lucha Underground


NXT usually does a great job showcasing the talent of impressive performers. They have somehow managed to completely drop the ball with Andrade Almas. Almas’ work as La Sombra in Mexico made him among the most successful luchadors of his time. Almas has star potential, but has been positioned as a secondary player on the NXT roster since he debuted.

Lucha Underground would have been the right place for Almas to shine in the United States. With an emphasis on lucha libre, he would have been able to continue wrestling his usual style. Almas also would have been given more importance as one of the faces of the franchise. Lucha Underground would only improve with someone like Almas joining the promotion to help usher them into the future.

11. The Shining Stars : New Japan


Primo and Epico have flopped every single time they’ve received an opportunity in WWE. It’s rather depressing due to the fact they’re actually pretty talented. Their in-ring ability is impressive, but WWE fans just don’t care about them. A lack of charisma and presence leads to silent reactions. Simply, The Shining Stars will never get over in WWE.

New Japan fans care more about the action than character work or charisma. Primo and Epico would be given a chance to thrive based on their talent with other great teams in the Junior Tag Team Division. The Shining Stars would absolutely deliver the goods in matches with The Young Bucks, RPG Vice and other teams in New Japan. It could save their careers if they bet on the skills and decide to leave WWE.