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Top 20 Most Overrated Wrestlers In WCW History



Top 20 Most Overrated Wrestlers In WCW History

WCW still provides great entertainment for longtime and new fans alike watching the product on the WWE Network. The WCW PPVs and episodes of Monday Night Nitro add a valuable part of the library to the Network that gives fans reason to pay a monthly subscription. Many names like Sting and Ric Flair prove history right with their legendary runs still holding up today. Underrated talents to become future stars like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho showed that they were the best performers in the industry on the WCW undercard. However, the library isn’t as kind to some of the other stars from the 90s.

Many of the WCW names were highly paid and viewed as big stars in the industry. Sadly, their work does not hold up today, with these names looking rather exposed when comparing them to their peers and future names. The term overrated is hard to define, but these stars just didn’t bring to the table what many thought they did or should have. We’ll look at both the names that failed to deliver up to expectations and those that saw their mediocre work exposed through the years. These are the twenty most overrated wrestling stars in WCW history.

20. The Giant


The WCW Championship was usually associated with truly credible names until Vince Russo came in and turned it into a joke. Before that point, the names of the wrestlers to hold the title were almost always legitimate top stars. One name that stands out for the wrong reasons was The Giant. We all know him as Big Show for his time in the WWE, but he was far less ready for a big spot in the WCW.

Giant made his debut in WCW without any experience wrestling in front of crowds. WCW still introduced him as a main eventer to feud with Hulk Hogan. Giant did a good job showing his athleticism, but everything else he did was horrible. The spot was too big for him and WCW’s locker room stunted his progression. It led to him having one of the most overrated WCW careers.

19. Kevin Sullivan


The veteran presence of Kevin Sullivan allowed him to earn a long time spot in WCW. Sullivan is most remembered for his time leading The Dungeon of Doom faction in a feud against Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage and Sting. The visual of Sullivan being the leader of a group against such legendary names was almost comical. Sullivan also lacked in-ring ability, unless it was a hardcore match allowing him to use weapons.

However, his backstage work may have been even more overrated than his in-ring work. Sullivan served as the lead booker for the majority of the Monday Night Wars and was always part of the writing team. Respected wrestlers like Bret Hart spoke out against Sullivan doing a terrible job. The lack of consistency in the storylines and his inability to push the young talent gave enough proof for Hart’s argument against Sullivan.

18. Hugh Morris


Hugh Morris held a roster spot in WCW for the majority of the Monday Night Wars and received a push at the end of the run. WCW loved Morris’ toughness and size, along with his agility to pull off an impressive moonsault. The lower mid-carder never stood out, with his biggest moment being that he was the first person to lose to Goldberg.

Morris’ push came during the final stand of WCW after a lot of the top talent left the company or were removed from television. His mediocrity was revealed with his only major opportunity leading to forgettable matches and segments. WWE hired him later and tried to build the Performance Center up with him serving as the head trainer. That also turned out to be a bad role for him with WWE releasing the veteran for abusing trainees.

17. Shawn Stasiak


Stan Stasiak achieved a lot in the WWE and that made his son a hot prospect entering the business. Many important people in both WWE and WCW viewed Shawn Stasiak as a potential future main eventer, but were disappointed. WCW pushed him harder than WWE did due to desperate times calling for desperate measures. Stasiak was a member of The Natural Born Thrillers faction meant to showcase and build the young prospects in the company.

The problem was that Stasiak was clearly the least talented of all the wrestlers in the group. Stasiak proved he just could not cut it in the world of wrestling, unless playing a comedic jobber role. Everyone that believed in him saw their hopes go up in flames every time he received noteworthy television time. Stasiak had a few more lackluster years in the WWE before leaving the industry to become a chiropractor.

16. Erik Watts


Bill Watts was the head booker of WCW for quite some time and received a polarizing response to his work. The biggest points of criticism were in regards to Watts expressing opinions of bigotry, creating outdated rules and nepotism. Erik Watts benefited from the nepotism when his father hired him just three months into his wrestling training. Nepotism is bad enough, but Erik was absolutely atrocious, making it even worse.

WCW pushed Erik right away thanks to Bill’s power. However, that ended quickly due to Bill unleashing a hateful tirade towards African-Americans, same-sex couples and others. WCW fired him and Erik’s career went downhill without his only supporter. The fact that Erik Watts received television time of any sorts makes him extremely overrated in the history of WCW.