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Who’s Your Daddy? 15 WWE Stars You Didn’t Know Are Fathers


Living life on the road can be challenging for many WWE Superstars. That’s why it may be hard for some to start a family and settle down in a traditional relationship. For others, fatherhood comes easy as they raise children and visit home as often as possible while on the road.

Because of their on-screen characters or choices to keep their lives personal, many WWE Superstars keep their family life on the down-low. This is why it’s often surprising when a wrestler reveals that they have one or multiple children. As these leaks come out, it’s interesting to see which WWE characters are actually great fathers and raising multiple kids.

Read and learn about some of your favorite WWE Superstars that have kids. Some of these stars have children on the way and others have even married WWE Divas and had children with them. Each of these wrestlers is a current member of the WWE roster. As they travel on the road, they also take a lot of time to focus on raising their children and being the best father they can possibly be.

15. Bray Wyatt



The Wyatt Family is a lot different on-screen then it is off-screen. On SmackDown Live, Bray is an evil and creepy monster that loves to control his minions and haunt WWE Superstars. At home, the Wyatt family is a loving family where Bray takes time to raise his two daughters alongside his wife. It must be weird when Bray uses a rocking chair to soothe his children to sleep at night…

Bray is from a big wrestling family and there’s a chance that his young daughters could enter the wrestling business at some stage. It’s no secret that Bray’s brother Bo is a wrestler and their father is formerly known as WWE Superstar I.R.S. It must be so different to see him with his children outside of the wrestling ring and looking at the pictures, he truly looks like a loving father.

14. Brock Lesnar



Brock Lesnar is unapologetic in the WWE ring and goes there just to get business done. At home, it’s very different as Lesnar is the father to four children. His first two children are a set of twins by the names of Mya and Brock Jr. Years later, Lesnar married former WWE Diva Sable and the couple had another pair of children together. Their two kids are both boys named Turk and Duke.

Lesnar lives in the farm areas of Saskatchewan where he raises his children. He keeps much of his life private, staying off social media and talking very little about his children to the press. One day, it’s feasible that one of his children may decide to enter the wrestling or MMA business to follow in their father’s footsteps.

13. Erick Rowan



Another Wyatt Family member with a different side to his life. Erick Rowan is known in the WWE for wearing creepy sheep masks, but at home he wears the role of a father. Not much has been revealed about Rowan’s family, but a recent Christmas card was released to the public. This card showcases Rowan with his wife and their two children. He has an older boy and a younger daughter.

Rowan is currently injured and spending time away from the WWE. As he heals, he’s likely spending a lot of time with his children before he hits the road again and makes his journey back through the ranks of the WWE. Time will tell if Rowan branches out on his own or if he will rejoin The Wyatt Family once again.

12. The Usos



Both of The Usos have children, not only making them fathers, but it also makes former WWE Superstar and Hall of Fame inductee Rikishi a grandfather. Jimmy Uso is currently married to WWE Diva Naomi, but he has two children from a previous relationship. Jimmy is the father to a boy and girl named Jayla and Jaiden, keeping up with the family’s “J” traditions.

Jey Uso has been married for a few years now and has two sons with his wife. While Jimmy has appeared on Total Divas with his children, Jey has kept a lot of his personal life private from the public. Both stars have tag teamed well in the ring and are likely to do the same while fathering their children in their personal lives.

11. Corey Graves

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Corey Graves may have been forced out of the ring due to concussion issues, but he continues to make a living while leaving his mark on the WWE audiences as an announcer. The newest voice of WWE Raw is not just a father, he’s a father to three young children. The tattooed rocker finds a lot of time for family time with his wife and kids.

Graves’ oldest child is a boy and his two others are daughters. Graves and his wife are often posting snapshots of the children on both of their Instagram accounts. Graves’ brother is also in the wrestling business, so there’s a chance that wrestling flows through the bloodline and his children may someday find themselves looking for an opportunity to join the WWE while their father watches on in the commentary booth.