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With over 10 Million visitors per month, TheSportster.com is a strong sports resource covering timely news and interesting facts from the world of sports. There are a lot of sports sites out there but our take has something that every fan can easily enjoy – from die-hard wrestling enthusiast to casual Super Bowl commercial lovers. With everything from live event coverage, analytical think pieces, and humorous jabs at superstar athletes, we aim to connect fans around the planet with the stats, stars, and sporting news they’ll enjoy most!

The Editorial Team

Michael De Sua: Managing Editor

– Twitter: @mitchyclean

– E-Mail: michael@thesportster.com

Michael De Sua is an accounting graduate who is much happier arguing about Mike Modano’s place in hockey history than he is doing your tax returns. A stats nerd from a young age, he’s a die-hard Oakland Raiders, AC Milan, and Montreal Canadiens fan. He was only seven when he attended Survivor Series 1997, but he was the only one in the crowd smart enough to cheer for Shawn Michaels.

Peter Sotiriou: Lead List Editor

– Twitter: @PurePython

– E-Mail: peter@thesportster.com

He’s not a good editor. He’s not a bad editor. He’s THE (lead) editor. Peter Sotiriou is good with words (except when he speaks). He may be a little bit awesome, but that’s alright, because he’s definitely weird. Something about liking sports, followed by wrestling is still real to him. He regularly argues with John Madden about who the bigger Brett Favre fan really is. There’s a Psychology BA somewhere in there, but that matters as much as the fans’ opinion of Roman Reigns.

Cody Orme: News Editor

– Twitter: @Cody_Orme

– E-Mail: cody.o@thesportster.com

Cody Orme spent most of his life watching, discussing, and complaining about wrestling and hockey. Whether it was WWE, AAA, CMLL, TNA, WCW, or ROH, he watched it, and probably loved it. You may have read his work reporting on the video game industry, but now, you’ll find him editing and occasionally writing news for The Sportster. You can follow him on Twitter @Cody_Orme to chat about anything wrestling or NHL related, just be prepared for a lot of pro-Leafs content.

The News Team

Josh Coulson

– Author Page: Josh Coulson

– Twitter: @BristolBeadz

– E-Mail: josh.c@thesportster.com

A love of all things pro wrestling brought him to the site, a sport that he has been mildly obsessed with since the age of 11 when he watched The Rock and Stone Cold headline WrestleMania X-Seven. His love of wrestling is matched equally by a passion for writing, and Josh graduated from the University of the West of England with a degree in journalism in 2014. Outside of watching wrestling Josh is a long suffering Bristol City fan, his local soccer team that he has supported since he was a child. You can find Josh @BristolBeadz on Twitter where you can keep up with all of his articles as well as follow along with him as he tweets about most WWE PPVs in real time.

Jesse Singer

– Author Page: Jesse Singer

– E-Mail: jesse.s@thesportster.com

Sports lover, film geek, fantasy football champion, writer, traveller, pretty good basketball and tennis player, pretty not-so-good golfer and I like hats.

Jim Parsons

– Author Page: Jim Parsons

– Twitter: @oilersinsider

– E-Mail: jim.p@thesportster.com

Jim Parsons is a business owner and freelance writer. A loving husband and father of two, he’s a huge fan of the Edmonton Oilers. Regular contributions can be found at thesportster.com and thehockeywriters.com.

Paul Jackiewicz

– Author Page: Paul Jackiewicz

– Twitter: @paul_jackiewicz

– E-Mail: paul.j@thesportster.com

Paul covered the NFL from 2009-2015 and currently covers the New York Giants for BloggingBigBlue.com. Paul’s appeared on numerous sports talk radio stations across the country that includes FOX Sports Radio, ESPN Radio and Yahoo! Sports Radio. He’s also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America.

Alex Hoegler

– Author Page: Alex Hoegler

– Twitter: @AlexHoegler

– E-Mail: alex.h@thesportster.com

A 2016 Langara College journalism program graduate, he’s also a site expert at The Canuck Way and a script writer for the Total Pro Sports YouTube channel.

Alex also used to be a managing editor for Cover32.com, an intern for the BCHL and a contributor to Bleacher Report. Alex is a long-time sports enthusiast; which all started when he began playing EA Sports games on Nintendo 64.

Lorenzo Tanos

– Author Page: Lorenzo Tanos

– Twitter: @thirdstringPG

– E-Mail: lorenzo.t@thesportster.com

Lorenzo has been a freelance writer for most of the 2010s, and a fan of sports and sports entertainment for most of his life. In addition to his news and entertainment reporting at TheSportster, his work has also appeared on sites such as the Inquisitr and Blasting News!