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15 WWE Stars That Are EXTREMELY Underpaid

Being a professional athlete usually means a big paycheck, but things are a little more complicated in the world of pro wrestling. While NFL, NBA, and MLB players enjoy guaranteed contracts, a lot of ...


15 Recent WWE Botches You NEED To See

The road to WrestleMania is filled with some incredible build up leading to the show, but there is also a locker room full of nervous Superstars looking to make their mark. With so many emotions, a mi...


Animal Love: 15 Wrestlers That Have Pets

Animals have not had the best of luck in the WWE. Jake The Snake Roberts spent years carrying his python Damien to the ring, only to have it get crushed and destroyed by Earthquake. Al Snow had his li...


15 Shocking WWE PPV Squash Matches

The squash match has been a WWE tradition for years. It's a great way to put over new stars, show dominance, and introduce new types of moves or finishers. Typically when a one-sided match takes place...


Top 15 WWE Moments That Made Us Feel Uneasy

Watching pro wrestling is supposed to bring you lots of great action, exciting moments, and memorable matches. In an effort to please fans on a weekly basis, it’s only natural for things to get pushed...


15 Retired WWE Stars: How Old Are They?

Years of wrestling and competing in the ring can take a toll on the human body. This is certainly the case for many WWE Superstars that have spent much of their career traveling on the road, going fro...

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