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9 Match Types That WWE Rarely Does

With all of the Pay-Per-Views that have cashed in on a match concept, like Hell in a Cell, TLC, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, NXT: WarGames, and even the ill-fated Fatal-4-Way, it is easier ...


10 Wrestlers With Surprising MMA Records

While to the layperson, the crossover between professional wrestling and mixed martial arts is seemingly non-existent. there are plenty of wrestlers who have not only competed in mixed martial arts bu...


The 10 Best nWo Beatdowns, Ranked

When listing the most influential stables in professional wrestling history, the New World Order, or nWo, nears the top of every list. Even the most beloved professional wrestling stable of the modern...


20 Wrestlers That Were Set Up To Flop In WWE

Sometimes in the WWE, a wrestler is given every opportunity to succeed. Time and time again they could be given a big push, mess it up in some way, and still be given another opportunity at the big ti...

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