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Every NHL Team's Most Overpaid Player In 2018


Prior to the start of the 2012-13 season, the NHL and NHLPA had to agree on a new CBA. The new one allowed every team to use a pair of compliance buyouts, in which they could get rid of a player's con...

15 MLB Players Who Need To Retire


Baseball isn't a sport that's as physically demanding as others like hockey, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, MMA and others. That's why we see so many MLB players play well into their mid-to-lat...

15 Recent NFL Trades That Already Look One Sided


When it comes to trading in the NFL, it's completely different than completing deals in the NHL and MLB. You don't trade away young roster players and prospects to land a star. Most of the time, you o...

15 NHL Trades To Look Out For This Summer


The 2018 NHL trade deadline wasn't quite as epic as many had hoped, but a handful of impact players were moved out. This included sniper Evander Kane, standout centre Derick Brassard, perennial 30-goa...

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