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15 Bold Predictions For The 2018 NHL Playoffs


How about an encore? The 2017 NHL playoffs were one of the most thrilling in recent memory. Five Canadian teams reached the playoffs, while a handful of Cinderella runs took place. The Ottawa Senators...

20 Moves That Totally Ruined NFL Franchises


In the Back to the Future trilogy, Marty McFly infamously tells Mr. Strickland - his principal - that "history's gonna change." And Marty was right. He travels back in time using a DeLorean time machi...

Top 20 Draft Mistakes That Ruined NHL Franchises


Throughout the past-half century, NHL teams have relied on the league entry draft to build their teams. Gone are the days when you could build a team entirely in free agency and through trades. Recent...

15 NHL Stars Who Won't Re-Sign With Their Team


Over the past couple of years, the NHL landscape has been shocked to see a number of trades take place. Nobody thought the Toronto Maple Leafs would find takers for the albatross contracts of Dion Pha...

15 Hilarious Memes About The Leafs Failures


The Toronto Maple Leafs may have the second most Stanley Cups (13), but it doesn't mean they haven't been the NHL's laughingstock for much of the past 50 years. This team last won the Stanley Cup in 1...

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