Articles by Alexander Keobke

15 Heartbreaking Stories Of Life After The NFL


The life of an active NFL superstar can be amazing away from the field. You might get to go home to your mansion (where your model girlfriend may be waiting). You may arrive in any one of your amazing...

17 Photos These Star QBs Don't Want You To See


Do you have any photos where you may not be looking your best? Perhaps ones that you would rather not become public knowledge? Of course not, buddy, you're a good looking stud! But imagine if you were...

15 Huge Mistakes That Doomed The Cleveland Browns


Have you ever wondered how it's possible that the Cleveland Browns have been so bad for so long? Since 2003, the Browns have been the worst or second worst (going 5-11 in 2010) in their division. Befo...

2000 NFL Draft: 8 Duds And 8 Studs To Emerge


It doesn’t matter when you were drafted. If you’re in the NFL, you’ve got a chance to change the game forever. In 2000, a man by the name of Tom Brady got selected in the sixth round and rumor has it ...

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