Articles by Alexander Keobke

Top 20 Shocking Early NFL Free Agent Signings


One of the most exciting moments of any sports season, is when the start of free agency opens. Deals fly at you with rapid speed, and before you know it, your team has decided to completely revamp the...

Top 15 MLB Players Who Are Jerks in Real Life


One of the most mentally demanding sports to play is the game of baseball. On top of physically playing, you need to be prepared for a gruelling schedule. At 162 games a year, you’re constantly on the...

Top 15 NFL Players Who Are Actually Good People


When it comes to NFL Players, there may be a bit of a stigma that they are jerks. Granted, the fact that I recently wrote about the 20 biggest jerks in the league’s history doesn’t do a lot to dispel ...

Top 20 NFL Players Who Are Jerks In Real Life


When it comes to being successful in the NFL, you need to make sure you have both the passion and the physical skills necessary to make it. One thing that does not need to be the case, is that you nee...

Top 20 Least Humble Players in NFL History


It might seem like it’s easy to these athletes, but there is nothing easy about making it into the NFL. These players have been playing football their entire lives, and have sacrificed countless aspec...

Top 20 NHL Stars Who are Jerks in Real Life


When it comes to being a professional athlete, there are seemingly countless advantages that come along with the profession. To excel at that level, your sport has to be something that you have been p...

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