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Looking To The Future: 15 NHL Duos That Will Shine

Finding a player to anchor a franchise for the years to come is arguably the toughest task for a General Manager to complete during any given tenure. Given the nature of pro sport, finding that player...


Top 15 Bold Predictions for NHL Free Agency

Every summer, National Hockey League general managers prepare to pull out the owner's checkbook and dangle millions of dollars in front of the crop of free agents that made it to the open market.


Top 15 Strongest Players On The Puck In The NHL

Being a strong hockey player has its perks. A big, powerful player might be able to play a crash and bang style, separate opponents from the puck and throw down with the best of them in a scrap.


Top 20 One Season Wonders in NHL History

The one season wonder - an inevitable phenomenon in any sport, one that raises hopes to the skies and sends them crashing back down faster than a Shea Weber bomb from the point.


Top 15 Best Fighters in the NHL Today

Whether you like it or not, fighting is still a part of hockey, and as long as that's the case, players are going to drop the gloves and go at it with an opponent. Whether it's a staged battle between...


Pierre McGuire's Top 15 Biggest Draft Mistakes

As one of the games most recognizable and respected media members, Pierre McGuire's word holds a lot of weight in the hockey world. For years, McGuire has been called upon to analyze all facets of the...


Top 15 Worst Players in Toronto Blue Jays History

If you're a real Toronto Blue Jays fan, a true lifer who's suffered through two decades of misery, this season has been extra special for you. After a mediocre start, the Jays added Troy Tulowitzki an...

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