Articles by Alex Metalis


Projecting The Careers Of These 15 Young NBA Stars

Whether or not it's a fair practice, it’s a cardinal pastime for NBA fans to both laud and smear upcoming talent. It’s fun to jump on a fledgling player’s bandwagon in hopes of seeing his career carri...


Projecting Each MLB Team's Breakout Player In 2017

Even on the drabbest teams, there are aspiring players who provide flashes of brilliance and inspire hope for the future. It’s always a delight to see an unjaded player play boldly in an attempt to et...


8 Players Who Loved Being A 76er And 7 Who Hated It

Philadelphia isn’t the biggest or most glamorous sports market in the country, but it’s certainly not the easiest to play in. The difficulty comes from the notoriously boisterous Philly fans: As a pro...


15 Strangest Things Named After NBA Players

Since its beginnings, the NBA and its players have permeated American culture. We adore great ballers for many reasons: their grit, their style, their imposing frames, their swagger, their absurd athl...