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Top 15 Worst Trades In New York Rangers History

Every trade made in the National Hockey League is a gamble. General Managers roll the metaphorical dice and see if they can parlay their currently held assets for a net gain in terms of talent and cap...


Top 25 Worst MMA Fighters of All Time

Mixed Martial Arts has gone through many phases of evolution since the world was first shocked by the spectacle surrounding UFC 1. The sport has come a long way from the days of freakshow fights and u...


Kobe Bryant's Top 15 Worst Moments

Over the course of Kobe Bryant’s legendary career, he has had many ups and downs. After an amazing career at Lower Merion High School, Kobe became the 13th overall draft pick and the most successful p...


Top 12 NHL Captains Better Than Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby has served as captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins since the 2007-08 season. That year, he led the Pens to the Stanley Cup Finals, but was unable to overcome the Detroit Red Wings. He corr...


Top 15 NBAers You Wouldn't Expect To Be Geniuses

Genius presents itself in many different forms. That statement is especially true in basketball, where strategy, athleticism, and awareness combine to produce incredible results on the court. From the...


Top 15 Players That Never Made It At Chelsea

Chelsea is a football club with a rich history that stretches back 110 years. Since being founded at the Rising Sun pub in 1905, they have won numerous cup and first division trophies before emerging ...


Top 15 Most Overrated Fighters in the UFC Today

Being a mixed martial arts fighter is quite likely the most difficult occupation in existence. Their daily routine consists of multiple training sessions, each of which involves honing a particular ma...


Top 15 Insane Fan Fights

The playoffs are here, and that means tensions are running high between teams that are leaving it all out on the ice or court. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm sometimes spills over into the stands and ...

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