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Top 15 Embarrassing Photos of Athletes

While they may not always have the same widespread name recognition as A-List Hollywood celebrities, athletes are continually in the public eye. They are often judged as much on their off-time antics ...


Top 15 Incredibly Smart Athletes

The stereotype of the dumb jock continues to be prevalent in today’s society. Athletes are unquestionably amazing physical specimens. They put in a lot of hard work and train themselves into the groun...


Top 15 Best Selling NFL Jerseys Right Now

You’re all set up on the couch watching the game, surrounded by snacks and beverages, perhaps directing a futile yell towards the referee or players…and what are you wearing? Well, one of your NFL jerseys, of course.


Top 25 Hottest NFL Wives

With NFL season fast approaching, every sports fan has football on the mind even more than usual. Fantasy football fans are already studiously poring over countless articles and magazines to determine...

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