Articles by Arthur Xheraj


Top 15 Fights That Should Happen After UFC 200

UFC 200 was expected to be the most exciting event in the history of MMA. Unfortunately, the event turned out to be a bit of a letdown. Part of the reason for the lackluster event was thanks to Jon Jo...


Top 15 WWE Women You Wish You Could Marry

The women of the WWE are some of the most beautiful female athletes in all of sports. Not only are WWE's women required to be gorgeous, but they must be talented as well. Beauty and style can only get...


Top 15 WWE Wrestlers Of The New Millennium

The WWE completely transformed in the early 2000s. Vince McMahon changed the face of the wrestling business when he won the Monday Night Wars. He purchased the WCW, and a majority of the roster was br...


Top 15 Hottest Female UFC Fighters of 2016

MMA is a brutal and bloody sport. Professional fighters sacrifice their health for the amusement of the fans. Since the days of the Roman Empire, men have been fighting against one another to prove wh...


Top 13 Scandals Involving WWE's Women

The WWE's women are the most talented and beautiful athletes in the entire world of sports. Years of training and hard work have made the female competitors of the WWE a force to be reckoned with. Eve...

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