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Top 20 Times Wrestlers Went Off Script

We all know that most things that happen in the world of professional are scripted. Whether it’s the words said in promos, or even the match itself, wrestling is a sport where every move is planned ou...


Top 15 Wrestlers With The Biggest Egos

If you skip the intro and title of this article and jump right into the list, it may look like we are doing a ranking of the greatest of all time. In all actuality, we will be highlighting the wrestle...


Top 15 Lost Arts in Wrestling

It seems like every few years, the way that professional wrestling is presented is drastically different than the generation prior. Whether you are transitioning from having all giants to a cruiserwei...


Top 10 Wrestlers The WWE Wants Us To Forget

If the WWE does anything better than all else, it is crafting a message to support the company's brand and image. Sure they do that whole sports entertainment thing too, but when it really counts WWE ...


Top 15 Craziest Wrestlers of All Time

You have to be a certain type of person to want to get slammed on a wrestling mat every night of the week; it takes a special dedication to pain, that some may call a little crazy.


Top 15 Facts Wrestling Fans Refuse To Face

It’s pretty rough being a wrestling fan in 2015, especially an adult fan for that matter. We are a committed community who usually stick close together in ideals and opinions. Sometimes we are so head...


Top 15 Times Triple H was Selfish

Along with being one of the biggest stars of his generation, Triple H is also one of the most polarizing figures in all of wrestling. There doesn’t seem to be a middle of the road when it comes to opi...


Top 15 Greatest Pre-Match Promos Ever

Since changing their television format during the introduction of the Attitude Era, WWE has had an extremely well produced visual presentation. Seemingly overnight, wrestling shows evolved from a sing...


Top 15 Common Misconceptions of the IWC

The internet wrestling community, or IWC for short, is a group of wrestling fans who communicate their opinions about wrestling via the internet. Though wrestling has been around since the days of tra...


Top 10 Wrestlers Who Didn't Pay Their Dues

For a long time wrestling was an “old boys club”, where you had to know somebody in order to get into the business. Most times if you wanted to be trained, you would first have to be “stretched” (usin...


Top 15 Hottest Lingerie Football Players

The Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football league) officially formed in 2009, after being featured as a halftime exhibition game for the Super Bowl. Since then the league has been cal...


Top 10 Reasons John Cena is the G.O.A.T

I absolutely hated John Cena for nearly 10 years of my life from 2005-2015. I blamed him for the introduction of the PG Era, with the thought that the WWE modeled their business after his squeaky clea...

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