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Top 15 Times WWE Conveniently Lied To Us

In professional wrestling, Vince McMahon is undoubtedly the king of the world. When you're the WWE, the conqueror of sports entertainment, buying out multiple promotions, beating WCW in the famed Mond...


WWE File For "Balor Club" Trademark

If you still had doubts about AJ Styles and company coming to WWE, here's some news that might just make you get a little more excited -- WWE are close to finalizing the trademark for "Balor Club".


Top 15 Worst Booking Decisions of 2015

It's been one heck of a year for WWE. WrestleMania was huge as it always is, legends like the Dudley Boyz returned, new stars like Neville and Kevin Owens were born and made while the WWE Universe wer...

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