Articles by Adrian Burrows


10 Wrestlers Who Need A Hair Cut, Right Now

Wrestling has had a painful history with hair styling. Let's face it, the dominant hairstyle of professional wrestling has been the mullet. For those who don't know, a mullet is that inimitable style ...


The 10 Hairiest Wrestlers Of All Time

Body hair is weird, as it can go in and out of fashion. Sometimes a man's bush-covered chest, spider leg haired nipples, and back hair are so long you can tie it in a bow is considered highly desirabl...


10 Times Blading Went Horribly Wrong In WWE

Blading has been a part of professional wrestling since time immemorial. If a wrestler needs to make the culmination of their feud dramatic, intense and memorable then being covered in their own blood...


The 10 Worst Finishers In WWE Today

The Finisher is a vital ingredient of any wrestler's repertoire. It's a move that should be devastating, after all, the application of the finisher must be sufficient to bring any opponent's shoulders...


10 Things WWE Must Stop Doing, Right Now

It's not been a great 2019 so far for WWE. With the continued Saudi Arabia deal causing controversy—declining viewing figures for both RAW and SmackDown and a new rival gaining both critical and comme...