Articles by Adriano Valente

Every NFL Team's Most Overpaid Player For 2017


The NFL is one of the most competitive leagues in all of professional sports. There is a constant need o get better among teams and one of the quickest ways to do so is through free agency and retaini...

15 Interesting Photos Of Hope Solo


Hope Solo is perhaps the biggest name in women’s soccer. At 35, she’s getting towards the end of her career but has nothing but accolades and success to show for her efforts as a pro. A senior and nat...

The Best And Worst Team For These 15 NFL Free Agents


NFL free agency is upon us, as we all eagerly wait to see who’s going to hit the open market and who will end up where. Unlike other sports, the NFL’s free agency period is rather tame. Teams don’t of...

Top 15 People Who Don't Like Odell Beckham Jr.


The receiver position is one of the most celebrated and scrutinized in the NFL. Receivers are often ladled as prima donnas and usually have the personality to go along with the claim. However, regardl...

Top 15 Most Disgraceful Madden 17 Ratings


One of the great things about Madden – and other sports sims – is how it can adjust a players rating based on performance on a weekly basis. This way, players can feel like they’re getting a more auth...

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