Articles by Adriano Valente

Top 20 NFL Players Who Hate Each Others


Football has always been an intense game filled with both physical and mental strain. Passion drives players to push their limits and constantly strive for greatness on the field. With so much work, e...

15 Injuries That Shocked Fans Silent


Injuries are a part of sports. As bad as they might be it’s a risk all athletes are willing to take in order to play the game they love. An injury can ruin a career or send a team’s season spiraling o...

Top 15 Most Ridiculous Names in Sports


In sports, an athletes name is often linked to their success. As their careers grow and they receive assorted accolades, people begin to take notice. We sometimes identify greatness with these names. ...

Top 20 Fantasy Football Sleepers for 2015


Fantasy football season is quickly approaching. While some have already drafted their teams and are eagerly awaiting the start of the NFL regular season, others are patiently waiting it out till week ...

Top 25 Highest Paid MLS Players in 2015


American households are predominantly focused on four sports. Football, Basketball, Hockey and Baseball. Soccer, while incredibly popular overseas, has always seemed like the odd man out compared to t...

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