Articles by Adriano Valente

Top 15 Amazing Fantasy Football Team Names for 2015


Fantasy Football isn’t some game where everyone comes out happy, shaking each other’s hands in the end. It’s a fierce competition that involves strategic drafting, smart trades and the occasional luck...

Top 20 Superstar Athletes Who Lost it All


Pro Athlete’s make insane amounts of money. Enough to get anyone jealous. We see them driving in luxury cars, going out and flaunting their earnings as it serves as a reminder as to just how much some...

20 Most Gruesome Injuries in NFL History


While it might seem like an easy job to some, being a professional athlete requires countless hours of hard work and dedication, while the risk of injury looms large. Athletes get injured. No matter h...

Top 15 Highest Paid Bums in the NFL Today


Like most competitive sports, NFL franchises are constantly trying to get the one up on opposing teams. As most teams build through the draft, free agency also plays a pivotal role in building a winne...

Ranking The Value Of All 30 NBA Franchises


While it might not attract as many fans as the NFL, the NBA is quickly growing into a monster in its own right. Over the last year, the average NBA franchise’s value has risen to $1.1 billion. That’s ...

Top 15 Worst NFL Draft Blunders of the Last Decade


It’s easy to second guess a team’s draft decisions in hindsight. But in the moment, coaches and GM’s make their choices based on how they think their selection will benefit the team long term. It’s an...

Top 15 Best Paintball Guns in the World


Paintball is more than some game teenagers play on the weekend to exert some of that frustration piled up during the week. It’s a huge sport that’s growing for both recreational and professional playe...

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