Articles by AJ Eisma


Top 15 Wrestlers With The Smallest Move Sets

In the wrestling world, people are defined by their ability to entertain and wow the audience using great mic skills, great acting, and the ability to sell the pain of the moves that are inflicted on ...


Top 20 Worst Free Agent Signings in MLB History

Free agency is a time of wonder in most sports. Teams shop around for players to add to their rosters in hopes of acquiring someone that will contribute to that team winning a championship. And we've ...


Top 15 Worst Every Day MLB Starters

In Major League Baseball, being a starter for a team means you have the stuff the coaches saw to make you their man at that position. To become a Sandy Koufax at catcher, a Ken Griffey Jr. in centerfi...


10 Tips to Beat Ronda Rousey in a Fight

Congratulations! For one reason or another, you have managed to get yourself into a fight with the baddest woman on the planet, Ronda Rousey! Now there are three ways this can end: you can have your a...