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Top 20 Soccer Players Who Revived Their Careers

Reviving ones career is easier said than done. It is typically very talented and gifted players who show their class before falling away but ultimately getting back to the top once again. Even very gi...


Top 15 Bold Predictions For UEFA Euro 2016

The Premier League is over, La Liga is over and, by and large, the club season in Europe's major leagues is over. There is still the small matter of the FA Cup final, Champions League final and play-o...


Top 20 Soccer Players Who Flopped This Season

Players form tends to ebb and flow, as does the form of teams. The best players have the mentality to match their ability, and as such can remain at the highest level and continue to put in top class ...


Top 12 Worst Player-Managers in Soccer History

The player-manager role is a dying breed within soccer. While it became very popular during the 1990s, it is virtually unheard of now. Even at the height of its popularity, the role was often consider...


Top 15 Soccer Feats That Will Never Be Repeated

Records are there to be broken, or so the saying goes, but for some this is not quite the case. In basketball, no-one will ever surpass Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point game. In cricket, Sir Don Bradman's...

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