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Top 15 Soccer Players Whose Careers Seem Doomed

It is never nice to describe a soccer players career as 'doomed', but in some cases, it sadly appears that way. Soccer, like most sports, is a ruthless business in which you can have the world at your...


Top 20 Worst Ever Premier League Teams

Currently in its 24th season, the Premier League has grown to become by far the biggest league in the world of sport. Broadcast to almost 5 billion people in 212 different countries totalling around 6...


Top 15 Worst Real Madrid Signings

No team in football history has had a more high-profile approach to the transfer market than Real Madrid, especially in the modern era. The 'Galacticos' policy implemented by club president Florentino...


Top 15 Players Who Were Dubbed 'The New Messi'

While debate will rage on between Messi and Ronaldo enthusiasts, or more cringingly 'fanboys', it is the former who is widely regarded as being the finest player of his generation. With a record four ...


Top 20 Yo-Yo Teams In Soccer History

The phrase 'yo-yo team' or 'yo-yo' club is one which has only come into use in the last two decades or so. Coined in England, the phrase most commonly refers to a team who are regularly relegated from...

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