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Top 20 Hardmen In Premier League History

Premier League hardmen and footballing hardmen in general are certainly a dying breed. There was a time when every team had one, or at least one, and they were a vital cog in an effective footballing ...


Top 15 Golden Generations In Soccer History

The term 'Golden Generation' in sports, and in particular in soccer, is used to describe an exceptional gifted group of players of a similar age who all emerge at one team at one time, with greater ex...


Top 15 Great Players In Terrible National Teams

Traditionally, certain nations have provided the hotbed of the world's soccer talent. For example, almost all of the greatest players that the game has seen to date originated in either South America ...


Ranking All 20 Premier League Logos

In the modern era clubs logos have grown in importance. Whilst club crests traditionally were just used to display a team's name, colors, and occasionally their motto, mascot and/or a local landmark, ...


Top 15 Biggest Womanizers in Sports

Top sportsmen tend to be young, fit, world renowned and wealthy, and as such, it is no surprise that some women take a shining to male athletes. Furthermore, in the modern age athletes are essentially...


Top 10 Reasons Golf Is NOT A Sport

Modern golf in the form in which we know it today originated from 15th century Scotland, but a similar activity can be dated as far back as the game of paganica in Ancient Rome or chuiwan, a Chinese g...


Top 20 Goals That Shook The World

In most cases, goals are what games are remembered for. Late goals, great goals, solo goals, own goals, however they find the back of the net, it is goals that change and decide football games. It onl...

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