Articles by Alfie Potts Harmer


Top 20 Electrifying Atmospheres In Soccer

The matter of atmosphere at soccer matches throughout history has been an ongoing discussion. The extent to which fans can affect the performance of the players on the pitch has been debated vigorousl...


Top 10 Best Players Playing Outside Of Europe

It is no secret that the world's elite soccer players ply their trade within Europe. Such is the dominance of the major European leagues, players playing elsewhere can often be overlooked. The South A...


Top 15 Most Clinical Strikers Of All Time

Since the dawn of the beautiful game, goal scoring has been the most sought after attribute in a player. Ultimately, the aim of soccer is to outscore your opponents. As such, the most prolific goal sc...


Top 15 Disasterous Formula One Car Crashes

In the 21st century Formula One has drawn criticism from some quarters as a result of the lack of contact between cars and the perceived decrease in entertainment as a result. The cars have very stric...


Top 10 Smartest Soccer Players

It is fair to say that soccer players are not renowned for their intellect. In fact, the lack of intelligence of certain players has become a topic of humor among many. You will not be surprised to se...


Top 10 England Goalscorers Of All Time

England may no longer be the football powerhouses they once were but the founders of the game have had some wonderfully talented players and it should come as no surprise then, that they have had some...

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