Articles by Andrew Piccininni

Top 20 Most Hated MMA Fighters


Sports without narratives are boring. Even the most exciting sports like mixed martial arts can be greatly enhanced with a relevant story or personal conflict. It gives fans something to invest in asi...

Top 20 MMA Camps and Gyms


One of the most unique things about MMA is the training structure. Unlike boxing, where camps are designed around individual fighters, MMA training is often centered around a gym where several coaches...

Top 15 Electrifying Slam Dunks Of All Time


The slam dunk is one of the most exciting plays in any sport. Dunks can be aggressive, explosive, artistic, and awe-inspiring. It is one of the most iconic images in the sporting world. A single compe...

Top 10 MMA Entrances Of All Time


MMA is a sport rich with self-expression. The uniqueness and individuality of the athletes is sometimes equally as important as fighting skill when it comes to marketing oneself and attaining title sh...

Breaking Down The Lawsuit Against the UFC


Three unlikely suspects just dropped a bomb on the UFC, which could potentially have far-reaching consequences throughout the sport. In San Jose, on a conference call to the media, it was announced th...

Top 10 Reasons NHL Expansion will Hit Las Vegas


The topic of NHL expansion has been a lively one of late, and with the announcement of a season ticket drive underway in Las Vegas to gauge the city’s ability to support a franchise, Gary Bettman and ...