Articles by Asif Balouch


Top 15 Craziest NBA Fights Between Teammates

You often see that NBA teams are like a band of brothers who go to war every night against the fiercest competition the league has to offer. Teammates scrimmage together, work out together, ride plane...


15 WWE Stars Who You Forgot Wrestled In TNA

Can you believe that TNA is a 14 year old company at this point in time? After WCW was bought out by the WWE machine, TNA slowly rose up with the hopes to be a successor of WCW and tried desperately t...


The 15 Biggest Ladies' Men In Wrestling

There’s a saying that ladies love a man in uniform and also that ladies love athletes. In the world of professional wrestling where the buff and toned studs of the squared circle wear underwear and li...


15 Epic Times Trash Talk Backfired In The NBA

If you’ve ever played on a basketball court, you likely have been subjected to hearing an earful of trash talk. Smack talking is part of any competitive sport and it’s particularly common in the game ...

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