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15 Cruiserweights You Wish Were in The CWC

Let us begin by stating that WWE's Cruiserweight Classic has been nothing but a hit, as far as a new concept for a wrestling show has been in recent memory. The tournament format, the concept of pure ...


15 Former NXT Stars: Why Did They Leave?

If you're a current WWE fan, you are living during fortunate times. WWE has stepped up their game on several fronts, especially in the area of their developmental system. NXT has provided more than ju...


Top 15 Dumb Misconceptions People Have About MMA

Mixed Martial Arts, while having been around for a number of years, is still in its infancy relative to other major professional sports. There are several semi-professional and professional MMA outfit...


Top 16 Quickest KOs in UFC History

UFC has come a long way since its early inception. Gone are the grueling exhibitions featuring fighters from different weight classes participating in fights with very relaxed rules.


Top 15 Cruiserweights in WCW History

WCW, may it rest in peace, had a lot to offer to the mainstream wrestling audience. There were the villainous antics of the nWo, the great heritage of the Four Horsemen, legendary superstars such as F...


Top 15 Hottest Valets in Wrestling History

In wrestling, there are a lot of essential elements in the mix of what makes the business the true variety show that it has become. One of those elements is that of the valet. Over the years, they cap...