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The Miz's 15 Most Embarrassing Moments

For a time, he was booked as WWE’s next big thing. That didn’t quite work out and his role shifted to one more akin to a journeyman mid-carder. But in recent months, an on-air spat with Daniel Bryan a...


15 Hilarious Pictures Of Drunk Wrestlers

While they complete feats of daring-do with varying degrees of success on a near-daily basis for our amusement, it’s important to keep in mind that pro wrestlers are just like you and I. They have the...


15 Reasons Why Hulk Hogan Is The Worst

To get this out of the way right up front -- Hulk Hogan hasn’t murdered a single person that we know of. So if we compare his life’s scorecard to a handful of historical demagogues who immediately pop...


Top 17 Reasons The PG Era NEEDS To End Now

Ever since Linda McMahon’s repeated failures to get elected to the U.S. Senate, WWE has persisted under a family friendly “PG” mandate to keep its image sparkly, pristine clean. For some fans - princi...


15 Insane Real Life Scott Hall Stories

Let’s think about legendary American substance addicts. There was Edgar Allan Poe, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Babe Ruth, basically every single glam metal musician from the ‘80s, Courtney Love, Rush Limbaug...


14 Wrestlers Who Are Shockingly Still Alive

One of the most unfortunate aspects of being a wrestling fan - aside from the constant ridicule from people who prefer "real" sports and individuals who wonder why anyone over the age of 14 watches so...


Top 25 Worst Debuts in WWE History

Last month, everybody made a big honkin’ deal about AJ Styles’ much anticipated debut at the Royal Rumble. Truth be told, AJ got lucky. He got off light. It could’ve been an awful, degrading ordeal for AJ Styles.

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