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Top 15 Oldest Players in MLB Today

Age undoubtedly plays a large role in the efficiency of a professional athlete. As the years slowly creep up, Father time takes its hold and never lets go. However, in the game of baseball, we’re stil...


Top 15 NFL Teams With The Most Fan Arrests

The NFL's low tolerance for fan misconduct has led to a substantial increase in fan arrests over the past decade. The league is cracking down on drunken horseplay and instead of handing out warnings, ...


Top 15 Bold Predictions For The NFL Draft

The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine is already in the books and teams are now moving on to the next order of business, prospect analysis. Burrowed in the depths of 32 cluttered office spaces are coaches gid...


Top 15 Athletes With The Biggest Biceps

A professional athlete's body needs to be trained and conditioned in order to keep up with the rigors of a competitive sport -- especially the hard-hitting, high-flying ones. An enlarged physical stat...


Top 15 NFL Players Who Faded In A Hurry

An NFL player's tremendous fall from grace can be attributed to a variety of things, from off-the-field issues to brutal injuries. Spectacular careers can be inexplicably ruined in the blink of an eye...


Top 15 Worst Contracts In The NFL For 2016

Life in the National Football League revolves around winning and losing. The same can be said for player contracts. Within every team lies at least one contract that just screams absurdity when matche...