Articles by Ben Fisher


15 Lopsided NFL Trades Involving RBs

Running backs occupy a strange place within the NFL positional hierarchy right now. For as much as a game-breaking back can thrill both fans and their fantasy owners while bearing the potential to aff...


15 NBA Stars Who Got Thicker And Loved It

The current trend of "going small" in the NBA doesn't just refer to guard-heavy lineups without a traditional big centre in the middle. In recent years, there has also been a noticeable shift towards ...


15 Former NFL Players Who Now Work 9 To 5

When we think of the average NFL player, a certain type probably pops into our heads. Whether we lean towards the star quarterback, the flashy receiver or the hard-nosed, gritty linebacker, our mind l...


15 WWE Stars Who Are About To Be Unemployed

All seems quite sunny in the land of WWE at the present time. Outside of some pesky and ill-timed injuries to superstars like Dean Ambrose and Samoa Joe, the general feeling these days is one of optim...

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