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Top 20 NBAers That Cannot Wait To Be Free Agents

$24 billion in the bank can turn good men greedy. This huge cash injection courtesy of a brand new television deal that is now in effect has transformed the NBA from a rich league to a mega-rich one through one signature on a piece of paper.


20 Hottest WAGS Of Euro 2016

If Paris is the city of love, then France is the country of WAGs. Fashion shows, gala dinners, VIP events, yachts, food, runways, parties, sport, music – nothing exudes the virtues of modern day celeb...


19 Hottest WAGs Of The 2016 Copa America

The 2016 edition of the Copa America is a tournament of firsts. The first time ever it is experiencing a centenary year, first time it is being played outside of South America, the first time it is be...


Top 20 NBAers Who Were Rich Before They Made It Pro

As a sporting operation, the NBA manages to elevate people with less than nothing and make them global superstars to greater levels than anyone else. Even for those that aren’t die hard supporters of ...


Top 15 Awesome NFL Bromances

Romances are old news. In 2016, professional athletes are out loud and proud, and they don’t care who knows it. Bromances are all the rage and here at TheSportster we think it is about time. With Holl...


Top 20 Great UFC Upsets NO ONE Saw Coming

When two warriors enter a cage to battle for physical supremacy, why do we assume the odds are so heavily packed in favor of one person? Yes there is skill and experience that comes into the equation,...


Top 20 Best and Worst Peyton Manning Moments

Now that The Sheriff has officially handed in his badge and rode off into the sunset, what should we make of the career of Peyton Williams Manning? The Colts and Broncos quarterback defied injury, dou...


Top 20 Hottest Sports Stars of 2016

If 2015 was the hottest year on record, then 2016 so far shows no signs of cooling down. Wherever viewers turn on their television screens, their tablets or mobiles to watch the sporting action this y...


The Worst Trade By Every Team in NBA History

Sports revolve in cycles. One team cannot remain a dominant force for too long because the trade period is a great market leveler for franchises that need to get the needle moving in the right directi...


Every NFL Team's Dream Free Agent Signing For 2016

If you accept that Von Miller won’t be let go by the Broncos, then the field to snap up the best free agents and talent on the market becomes an arms race. The NFL is not just a blood sport on the fie...


Top 25 Players the Chinese SL Will Target

We are living in the age of the Chinese boom. The domestic Asian market is flush with billionaire cash and the playboys have come out of the woodwork to buy some new fancy toys. No other league on the...


Top 15 Amazing NBA Trades That Almost Happened

The NBA trade period is a frenetic, frenzied and sometimes farcical time of the season when franchises attempt to move the pieces of the puzzle into place. Throughout all the behind-the-scenes negotia...


Top 15 People Who Don't Like Cam Newton

Never before in the history of football has a player divided opinion like Cam Newton. The brash quarterback dabbed, danced and smiled his way to SB50 on the crest of a wave, riding it all the way to S...


Top 15 People Who Don't Like Carmelo Anthony

New York Knicks marquee baller Carmelo Anthony is not everyone’s cup of tea. Since his early College days to his entry into the NBA with the Denver Nuggets, the small forward has had a tenancy of rubb...


Top 15 Craziest Breakups in NFL History

Living with an NFL football player can have its upsides, but it can be no surprise that a lot of the time these relationships end in tears. With all the millions of dollars and fame that comes with pa...


Top 15 Possible Destinations For Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football’s career is plummeting off the cliff as we speak. The disgraced quarterback is on a path that ends with him either behind bars, out of work or dead – there is no other way to dress the...

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