Articles by Cody Erbacher


15 Insane Backstage Stories About The Rock

The Rock – love him or hate him, you know who he is. Sure, he mostly comes to your screen as the actor known as Dwayne Johnson nowadays, but we will always keep a special place in history for the wres...


Top 15 NFL Stars Who Are Completely Overrated

The skill just doesn’t match the amount of hype that each one of these players get. For some reason, each of these 15 NFL stars have entered a world where their talent is extremely overhyped and overr...


Projecting The Top 15 Picks Of The 2018 NFL Draft

It’s never too early to begin looking at the top prospects for the 2018 NFL Draft. Sure, it’s essentially impossible to know what the draft order is going to be as we don’t know who will be the bottom...


15 Quarterbacks Who Should Quit The NFL

Some of these guys are currently tabbed as the starter for their organization while others are competing for a starting spot. Then again, some of the guys who show up on this list are fighting for a b...


Each NFL Team’s Biggest Need This Offseason

There’s been a lot of big-name players who have switched teams and there are a lot more waiting for that call, and some don’t even know they’ll be playing in a new city next year. All this is because ...

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