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Top 13 Craziest WWE Superstar Urban Legends

Rumors circulate around WWE all the time, involving superstars, their storylines or anything relating to the creative team and what they should or could have done. WWE makes the news for all of the wr...


Top 20 Hot Pictures of NFL WAGs You NEED To See

Being a professional football player certainly comes with its fair share of perks. Not only do even the most insignificant and terrible players have a chance to be in the spotlight and earn big dollar...


The 20 Most Awkward WWE Moments Of 2015

The past year in WWE will go down in history for many reasons. In particular, 2015 will be remembered as the year that the Money in the Bank briefcase was finally cashed in at WrestleMania when Seth R...


Top 20 NBA Players With the Most Kids

Professional athletes seem to have it all: fame, fortune, and the ability to play the game they love while people cheer them on. When it comes to these men, they also have loads of kids. Here is our l...


Top 20 Worst Managers in WWE History

Throughout the last three decades, WWE has seen some of the greatest tag teams and superstars thrive in the business under the leadership of some of the greatest managers or valets. Paul Heyman would ...


Top 20 NFL Players With the Most Kids

Do you think that professional football players are too busy on the field to do anything else? Hah! Just take a look at these guys. Here we have the Top 20 NFL Players with the Most Kids. Yes, having ...

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