Articles by Craig Keolanui


Top 15 Athletes Who Miss The Spotlight

Many athletes use their determination and desire to become one of the best at their particular sports, basking in the attention that all the hard work eventually receives. Once their skills diminish a...


Top 15 Athletes Who Were Out of Shape

There have been many terrific athletes who have carried excess weight or have gone out of their way to ensure that their bodies were not in the best of shape. Many of these athletes were able to be st...


Top 15 Bad Boys in Sports History

There have been many bad boys in the world of sports. The competitive nature of sports in general seems to bring out the worst of some competitors who feed on anger or negativity to raise their level ...


Top 15 Biggest Loudmouths in the NFL

There are plenty of trash talkers in the NFL and there is no shortage of others who simply like to speak their minds. The sport has its breaks in action between plays and even between games week to we...


Top 15 Hottest Players Currently in the WNBA

When considering the hottest female athletes in sports today, tennis and even soccer might be the first sports to come to mind. However, there happen to be some good looking ladies who make a living b...


Top 10 NFL Dark Horses For 2015

It seems like every NFL season includes a couple of teams that surprise experts and fans with unexpected improvement that either catapults them into the playoffs or at the very least energizes the fan...


Top 15 Reasons Steroids Were Good for MLB

Steroid scandals might have rocked baseball, but there can be little denying the positive impact they have had on the game. Baseball purists might enjoy a 1-0 game, but many fans in the modern era bec...


Top 10 Things That Saved The NHL

This year's NHL Stanley Cup Final, pitting the Chicago Blackhawks against the Tampa Bay Lightning has proven just how far the league has come. One of the league's newer teams, the Tampa Bay Lightning,...


Top 10 Thoroughbreds of The Modern Era

The public's fascination with horse racing just took a giant leap forward with American Pharoah's feat of winning the Triple Crown just as the summertime racing season is about to begin. Becoming just...


Top 15 Reasons Soccer Is Not a Major U.S. Sport

Soccer might be the world’s game, but Americans still consider it to be a minor sport. Although many youngsters are starting to take up the sport, these are mostly the kids whose parents don’t want th...


Top 10 Things The NFL Should Leave Alone

In the competitive world of sports, the NFL is always looking for ways to improve the game. Whether it is rules to protect the players and keep them on the field or ways to improve the excitement of t...


Top 15 Flaws in The NBA Game

The success of the NBA has made it easier to mask its many flaws. Although most fans remain enamored by ridiculous dunks and off balance 3-point shots, it is becoming harder to see players on the prof...

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