Articles by Carl Knauf


Projecting The Entire 2017 MLB Postseason

It’s the beginning of the MLB season and everyone has hope. It’s a strange thing, this hope: almost a delusional mindset of what could be, an escape from the grim truth, but also provides enough fuel ...


The 8 Best And 7 Worst Quebec Nordiques Of All Time

One may wonder what exactly a Nordique is. Well, it’s simple: Quebec City, Quebec was one of the most northern professional sports cities in North America, and since there’s a whole lot of north going...


The 8 Best And 7 Worst Buffalo Bills Since 2000

Did you know that New York has people living outside of the Big Apple? Who would have thought? There are even inhabitants in the freezing western part of the state – and yes, they are living – and no,...


15 NHL Players With WAGs Too Hot For Them

Professional athletes do not make up a whole lot of this world. You would think they’re all over the place, but it’s mostly because they’re just in the limelight throughout the year, and then every fo...