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Top 15 Most Hated Athletes of 2014

In 2014, sports fans were treated to quite a few exceptional athletic performances. Championships were captured, records were set, milestones were achieved, and miraculous athletic feats were recorded...


Top 10 MLB Parks You Need To Visit Before You Die

In the 21st century, the concept of a "bucket list" has emerged as a way to describe all of the things that a person wants to accomplish before he or she "kicks the bucket" (a phrase which is well ove...


Top 20 Sports Teammate Feuds in History

Disagreements are quite common in sports. That's one of the ways that athletics builds character, by teaching participants to channel their energy towards performing well instead of initiating confron...


Top 20 "One-Hit Wonders" in MLB History

For whatever reason, Americans seem to be fascinated by certain ideas, products, or fads that exist for a very short time before vanishing into obscurity, never to be seen again. The colloquial term f...


Top 20 Athletes Who Died in Action

In the world of sports, injuries are an everyday occurrence. In fact, the longer a person's sports career lasts, the rarer it is for that athlete to not be sidelined by an injury. This is true in all ...


Top 15 Sexiest Female Golfers

If you'll recall, there was somewhat of a golf-related kerfuffle back in the spring of this year. That was when Paulina Gretzky, model and fiancee of pro golfer Dustin Johnson, appeared on the cover o...


Top 25 Hardest NFL Players to Tackle

In the National Football League, defensive coordinators spend countless hours each week trying to prepare their teams for their next opponent's offense. They tweak their schemes and formations, adjust...


Top 15 Highest-Paid NHL Defensemen For 2014-15

Let's pretend that you're the general manager of a National Hockey League franchise. Naturally, you want to have the best players on your club in order to maximize your chances of winning a Stanley Cu...


Top 25 Dirtiest Players in NBA History

Every sport has its heroes and fan favorites. But if the sport is going to be popular, it needs to contain its share of villains, too. The WWE and other pro wrestling organizations knew this early on,...

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