Articles by Cody Orme


10 Weird WWE Moments Everyone Forgot About

The WWE has been around for decades. With such a long-running TV product, one has to assume the company makes mostly good content. We here at TheSportster like to think that's true when it comes to Vi...


9 Forgotten Wrestlers Of The Attitude Era

Many WWE fans look back on the Attitude Era as the pinnacle for the company. Ratings were at an all-time high, the action was non-stop, and with competition on Monday nights, missing Raw could mean yo...


10 Wrestlers Who Quit WWE Out Of Frustration

While it may be a dream to work in WWE for many wrestlers, for some, it can turn into a nightmare. The promise of being on television making big money can be alluring to many, but eventually, that's n...


10 Wrestlers Who Should Retire John Cena

As weird as it is to say, John Cena's in-ring career is winding down. Over the years, he's had fantastic matches with the biggest names in the company, and was a great ambassador for wrestling in an e...


5 Best (& 5 Worst) Money In The Bank Winners

WWE is very hit and miss with their gimmick concepts, but one idea has managed to stay exciting for over a decade — Money In The Bank. Debuting as a WrestleMania gimmick, the eight-man ladder bout for...

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