Articles by Cordell Ventura


Top 25 Elite Prospects in the NHL Today

Hockey has come a long way over the years, as the game is constantly growing and developing alongside its young players. These days prospects are always improving, becoming faster, stronger, smarter a...


Top 20 Flashiest Defensemen in NHL History

Pioneered by Doug Harvey, perfected by Bobby Orr and carried out by many, the role of an offensive defenseman just might be one of the most exciting roles in hockey. A defenseman who can turn heads an...


Top 10 NBA Players To Come Out of Canada

In the year 1995, the National Basketball Association welcomed two new franchises that shocked basketball fans and changed the game of basketball all together. These teams were the Vancouver Grizzlies...


Re-Drafting the Top 20 Picks of the 2011 NHL Draft

The hype that surrounded the young players in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft was rather low compared to classes in other years. Although it seemed clear that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins would be taken first overall...


Top 10 Worst Trades Made By The Toronto Maple Leafs

It's been 48 long years since fans have seen the Toronto Maple Leafs bring home the Stanley Cup. In those 48 years, the Leafs have missed the playoffs 20 times. So, it's probably safe to say that the ...


15 NHL Careers Ruined by Serious Injuries

Being a professional hockey player comes at a physical cost. From concussions to worn-down joints, the game sure does take a toll on its athletes. From sluggers to superstars, every player on the ice ...