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Top 15 Worst Players In The 40 Home Run Club

Baseball’s a funny sport. As the old cliché goes, it’s the only sport where a person can fail seven out of ten times and still be considered successful. One minute a batter’s hot, hitting everything t...


Top 13 Random Facts About Hulk Hogan

Terry Bollea—or, as you know him, Hulk Hogan—is arguably the biggest name in the history of professional wrestling. Not only is he a twelve-time world champion, a six-time WWE World Heavyweight Champi...


Top 15 Hottest Golf WAGs

Of all the professional athletes, it seems like golfers have the most attractive WAGs (i.e, wives and girlfriends)—Paulina Gretzky, Ellie Day, Annie Verret, Sonya Toms, Alexis Randock, Lindsey Vonn, E...


Top 15 Most "Punchable" Faces In The NHL

What makes a face “punchable?” Is it simply a visceral reaction that we have to certain people? Or is there a more definitive, scientific explanation. One neurologist from George Washington University...


Top 15 Fattest NBA Players Of All Time

Basketball is a sport filled with genetic freaks (the average height for an NBA player is roughly 6’7”, about half a foot taller than the average NHL player). And most of these vertically blessed athl...


Top 15 Pro Athletes Who Absolutely Failed In MMA

The term “mixed martial arts” was first used in 1993 to describe what took place at the first UFC event. Since then, the sport has taken off, rivaling in popularity other sports like professional boxi...


Top 15 Fattest NHL Players Of All Time

Hockey is one of the most physically grueling sports. There’s a reason it’s called the fastest game on earth, because players are constantly moving at high speeds, slamming into one another and slappi...


Top 15 Athletes Who Hate The Kardashians

The Kardashians might just be the most hated family in all of America. They represent everything that’s wrong with the country: excess, vanity, greed, vapidity, and being famous for doing nothing (or,...

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