Articles by Dean Siemon


15 NFL Free Agent Signings Who Will Fail In 2017

In the National Football League, players make the most out of the contracts they sign. They usually want to get the most money possible per season, along with incentives and a large portion of the con...


15 Things The WWE Hates Their Talents Doing

World Wrestling Entertainment is a large corporation that is worth more than $1 billion. They are the largest professional wrestling promotion – even if they prefer the term “sports entertainment” – b...


15 NHL Players Whose Careers Went To Die Overseas

There are a number of players who come through the National Hockey League’s annual Entry Draft with plenty of expectation. First and second round selections who showed promise in major junior hockey l...


15 Dumbest Things That Happened At WCW

Wrestling fans who grew up in the late 1990s were able to have their choice on Monday nights. While WWE broadcasted Raw is War, they were certainly in a ratings war with World Championship Wrestling’s...

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